Sunday, March 8, 2009

March 8, 2009 - Living Food

Bright, orange, round, it fits in the palm of your hand. A perfect sphere ripe with health and nutrition. A small moist mist sprays from within as you pull back part of the peeling. Mouth-watering juices drip down your mouth and run down your arm. The orange is a perfect orb of vitamin C and other vital nutrients.

Unlike man-made inventions which pass for food today, God's creations still satisfy as well as nourish our bodies. He created us and he knows what this flesh needs to function at peak performance. The foods He created are alive. They mesh with the body perfectly, are digested and converted to energy and nourishment--building and repairing.

Raw food is made by God specifically for our bodies, also made by Him. They are called water foods. Made up primarily of water they're synergistic with the human body which is also made up primarily of water. They are easily digested. They cleanse even as they nourish.

Raw food is also known as living food. Eating fresh raw fruit and vegetables is life-giving. These are the foods to focus on in a healthy diet.

These are also great foods to use when cleansing the body. Along with clean water, they help flush the body of toxins, which over time could cause sickness.

Raw foods can be quick and easy too. Just grab an orange and peel. These are easily accessible even here in Minnesota at the end of winter. They bring us a little digestible sunshine from the South.

So enjoy God's food, created for you.

Try these recipes (Orange Shake, Deep Green Leafy Salad) to incorporate delicious, fresh food into your diet.

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