Friday, March 13, 2009

March 13, 2009 - Promise of Spring

It's the middle of March and I long for new life. To see a little color would be like spotting a red poppy in the midst of a blizzard. The grass is still brown and mostly covered with snow, the trees are bare and dull and there are no flowers to be seen. Ah but the PROMISE of Spring helps me hold on for just a few more weeks or maybe only days. Anticipation rises; the promise awaits.

I remember what it was like last Spring when the new grass first appeared, bright, pastel green slowly overtaking the yellow-brown on the ground and on the trees. Not long after that small flower buds began to form, their happy colors littered the neighborhood with cheer. Soon light green grew into a deeper shade covering the trees, bushes and grass. Then later in the Summer fruit developed and come Fall it ripened into delicious nourishment.

Now I wait for the process to begin again. Even when I'm not consciously thinking about it, my spirit and body anticipate it. Even when I look out the double windows and see the snowy characteristics of December or January, still I know it's March.

Spiritually I find myself longing for new life as well. During this season, the Father faithfully brings to mind my sin. He reveals the barrenness of my heart. I'm uncomfortable with the realization that I am not beautiful. I'm dark, dull and vapid. My life is barren, producing very little fruit.

And this would be my end except for the PROMISE of new life in Christ.

Easter is coming!

How I long for that new life to spring up in me once again. I want my life to produce. But fruit doesn't just spring up with the grass in March, often it needs cultivation. Preparation for the soil, water, sun, and then the seed that was planted must do what it was created to do. It must obey its own DNA. Without that obedience it's a bad seed and will not produce fruit.

Here I kneel and bow, Lord Jesus, aware of my barrenness, ashamed of my ugliness. I repent. Please forgive me. Come in to me again with the wind, water and sunshine that is Your Spirit. Nourish me, make me grow strong and able to obey what you've created me to be. May my life be like a glassy lake reflecting Your life and may it produce fruit to heal and nourish others. According to Your desire. Amen.

Fresh Spring Greens/Salad

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