Monday, May 13, 2013

Jamaica, Sweet Potato Pudding & 25 Years!

My husband and I will be married 25 years tomorrow.

Our church and friends in the community blessed us with a trip to Jamaica a few weeks ago. What an unexpected, wonderful trip. It was relaxing and warm. Snowing in Minneapolis when we left, the comfortable 80 degree weather was more than welcome.

One evening we had dinner at the Jamaican restaurant on the resort. This was our dessert:

I asked our waiter how to make it. He gave me general directions, but no specific recipe. It's very simple and turned out well when I made it at home. 

  • Bake sweet potatoes until soft.
  • When cooled, grate the sweet potatoes into a bowl.
  • Add vanilla, sugar, cinnamon, raisins (optional) and egg (optional).
  • Blend the mixture and spread in a 8 X 8 dish (or 9 X 11 if using more ingredients. You can also pour it into individual dishes)
  • Bake at 350 degrees. It should be stiff, not like a soft pudding.
  • Serve topped with fresh or canned, warmed coconut milk and toasted coconut shavings. (I used canned, organic coconut milk)
The resort was beautiful and the food was delicious. Dan and I relaxed and enjoyed each other along with some Blue Mountain coffee. Our friends got married that weekend at the resort and we celebrated their beginning together along with our many years together. 

Here's a picture of our resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica

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  1. I had some cooked sweet potato that were left overs, so I looked up sweet potato pudding. I used 4 egg whites, some sweetener, maple flavoring, cinnamon, and mixed it all up. It's in the oven now, and I'm guessing 20- 30 minute baking time, so we shall see. Congratulations on your anniversary.