Monday, June 17, 2013

Blog Review: Gluten-Free Girl

I found a new blog recently. New to me, but it's actually been around since 2005. It's called "Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef." It's clean pages and bright photos appeal to the eye, but best of all it's full of advice and delicious recipes for eating gluten-free.

If you've just discovered that you have to eat gluten-free the Gluten-Free Girl has a whole page on getting started. She also has how-to videos! How cool is that?

As part of her book promotion, Shauna Ahern (The Gluten-Free Girl) features one recipe from her book that her followers are encouraged to make with her that week. Then they can leave comments or questions for her.

I've just discovered this site and I'm so excited to look around more and learn from Shauna. I've seen her book in the stores and been tempted by it already. Now I'm even more tempted, but I have a planned project to organize and downsize my cookbook and magazine collection, so it'll have to wait. Maybe Gluten-Free Girl can be my reward when I accomplish that goal. Shshsh...don't tell my husband.

In the meantime, I'll be trying her baking mix and other things I can find on the blog sit.

Monday, June 10, 2013

The Protein Myth

Trainers emphasize the urgent need for extra protein when you workout. Many diet plans promote eating a high-protein diet for those trying to lose weight. 
God's original plan for man's diet was a vegetarian diet. It's true He introduced meat into their diet after the flood, but the healthy, human body still needs the majority of their intake to be fruits and vegetables. 
Our soil has been compromised and many of our plant-foods have been modified, so it's important to read labels and seek out organic when possible, however, a high vegetable (as many raw plant foods as possible) diet is still the best for ultimate health. 
Here's what Jessica Jones, MS, RD said. You can find her complete article, The Protein Myth, Why You Need Less Protein, here.
"The take-home message: Before gulping down that protein shake after a workout, or subbing a large steak for carbs and fats at lunch and dinner, calculate your actual needs to make sure the extra protein is really necessary. It's probably isn't."

Here's another article on the dangers of too much protein 
from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine,
entitled, The Protein Myth