Friday, March 20, 2009

February 20, 2009 - Winter Thaw

Dormant. Lying underneath the ground is something beautiful, new life waiting to push its way to the surface. To reveal its beauty for all to see.

February is a time of anticipating Spring. Temperatures rise a little, melting snow and ice here in Minnesota. Then they drop again freezing the water to a smooth, slick accident waiting to happen. Toward the end of the month dirt and dead grass become visible in patches. And we know what lies beneath that ground . . . new grass, flowers, perennial herbs . . . we can hardly wait!

Come May we'll be able to till the soil and loosen the dirt to prepare for planting. Maybe not as big of a deal for us as for the farmers, but still, we'll plant a few vegetables and flowers.

Underneath the surface of our hearts, new life waits to spring forth as well. God is creating new life in us. It's just waiting for the ice to melt. We've become cold and hard to the things of God. Winter has set in while we weren't looking. We're often too busy to warm in His presence, too busy to till the sin-hardened soil and too busy to practice the disciplines that will prepare our heart for new life and harvest.

But God is working.


Quiet yourself.

Can you feel it? Something different deep inside. A work only the Creator can accomplish.

It's still February, but Spring will soon arrive.

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