Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Jamaica & Home-Made Insect Repellent

We have been given a trip to Jamaica for our 15th year as pastors at our church and our 25th wedding anniversary, which is coming up. People from our church, our community leaders and the local clergy fellowship went together to do this for us. We feel so blessed, not only to be going but to have such wonderful friends and community.

We've heard insect repellent is a must. Today it's hard for me to imagine needing bug spray. It's raining and 34 degrees right now. They're predicting snow. But by tomorrow night in Jamaica, I might be glad I have some.

I Googled natural repellents and came up with some very effective essential oils. Lavender came up again and again. So did Citronella and Catnip. So here's a recipe I pulled together from several I found.

Insect Repellent:

Witch Hazel (or other carrier oil)
Eucalyptus Oil
Citronella Oil
Lavender Oil
Choose from Cinnamon, Patchouli or Tea Tree Oils

(other good ones include Catnip, Thyme, Rosemary, Cedar, Mint)

Use 8-10 ounces of witch hazel in a new spray bottle. Use 25-50 drops of essential oils combined. The more you use, the stronger it will be. You can play with the combinations to get the scent and effectiveness that you want.

I also read that you can add a teaspoon of vegetable glycerin (available in natural food stores). I think this would help it to mix a little better and possibly go on better.

Now we can be prepared for Summer, rest assured, it WILL come.

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