Friday, November 4, 2011

White Sins

White dietary sins, that is. White sugar, white flour, white rice, even white (refined) salt.

Why do I categorize them as sins of our diet? They have been processed and refined until every bit of nutrients have been stripped from them. They fill our stomach while starving our body.

We hunger because our body needs something. It needs things like vitamins, minerals and protein. If we satisfy our hunger with empty calories, we gain weight but starve our body. We fool ourselves into thinking we're full but will be hungry again soon because we're still starving.

Years of this behavior can cause serious to deadly illnesses.

God designed our body and He designed our food. I love the way Rex Russel puts it in his book, What the Bible Says About Healthy Living.

Eat what God made for food.
Eat it as close to the way He made it as possible.

That keeps our complicated dietary lives simple. Simple, but not always easy.

What we need to keep in mind as we shop or look over a menu is to choose ingredients that still contain the fiber, and nutrients. These would be natural and whole grain. It may not be possible to get it all in every meal, but being aware of the problem and observant of ingredients are great beginning steps.

What are your suggestions for avoiding the white sins?

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