Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving Re-Focus

I'm right in the midst of Thanksgiving cooking. We'll have a houseful on Thursday and I always enjoy it. I used to cook all day every day the week of Thanksgiving. Now I don't have that option so I started earlier and have been cooking and freezing my way to this holiday of gratitude.

Although I enjoy the cooking, I find I've been so occupied that it's hard to focus on God. Just like Christmas, I'm often too busy to take in the real meaning. I need to stop and meditate on God's good gifts awhile, but the oven is beeping and the batter needs to be stirred.

Today I pledge to take enough time to give thanks to God and to exercise for 30 minutes.

The recipe I'm making today might turn out to be my favorite this year. Check it out at http://community.wholeliving.com/profiles/blogs/sweet-potato-pear-and-walnut-gratin

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