Thursday, November 10, 2011

Food Power

"Food isn't just fuel; it has the power to heal."
~Whole Living, Ten Thoughts, October 2008

And I'd add that it has the power to make us sick as well. 

It's important to be aware as we eat. Think about what we put in our mouth and how it will affect our health. Our cells regenerate continually and what we feed our body determines how healthy those cells will be. There may be things that affect our health which are out of our hands, but food we can control, to a large extent. 

So why don't we? 

I think a big reason is that we don't eat thoughtfully. We rush to fill the stomach and get on with our daily tasks. Or for a thousand other reasons, we're not thoughtful. 

One thing that helps me make good choices is to think, in the moment, this salad will build my bones and strengthen my immunity against sickness and disease. Or to think, this snack cake will feed the yeast in my body, increasing the possibility of infection and joint pain.

Confession: I ate the dessert at the church dinner last night. Even as I did I remembered how it would affect me, but I finished it anyway.

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