Monday, August 13, 2012

Loose the Energy of Money

I've been thinking about something recently. If it ever caught on it could be a world-changing movement. Want to know what it is? Want to be part of something that has such a huge positive impact on the world?


Yup. Simply put it's sharing with those in need. I mean think about how great it could work. (Especially in the Church). If someone has money in the bank, they could offer to lend it to someone who has an urgent need. No interest charged. The person would plan to pay the donor back as soon as they could or a repayment plan could be arranged. 

The banks don't give any interest on savings worth speaking about anyway. And this would help someone in need as well as building treasure in heaven. (Side note: I think our currency in heaven is going to be those things we did that pleased the Lord--we might call that currency "Pleasing Points.")

Granted, we may not be paid back, and here's the rub. . . we have to be okay with that. We must continue to love without any animosity, trusting the Lord to be our Provider, as His Word promises.

When we share like this, it's best to consider it a gift and then if the person is able to pay it back and they do, we'll be pleasantly surprised. But if they can never repay us, be assured the Lord will not be outdone in generosity.

But if we give to others in their time of need, the Lord will make a way for us in our time of need. Then everyone will have provision enough.

Doesn't this sound like the New Testament church?

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