Monday, March 12, 2012

Walk the Talk for Health

"Achieving health, happiness, and the energy balance comes down to deciding
to focus more on the positive than on the negative and
to live in a manner spiritually congruent with what we know is truth."
~Caroline Myss, Ph.D. "Anatomy of the Spirit"

Two powerful actions in terms of our health. 

It takes no effort to focus on the negative. It pops in to our head without a thought. Feelings attach themselves to negative thoughts and make us believe they are true. Pretty soon we can end up in depression or discouragement. To focus on the positive we must stop our "train of thought" and say "No!" to negative thoughts. We have to take the thoughts captive (2 Cor. 10:5) and consciously think positive thoughts. They don't come automatically. Verses from the Bible offer great promises and we can be sure of their truth. Use them to replace negative thoughts. After practice, this kind of positive thinking will be much more common and take less effort. 

Also, it takes time and attention to live out our beliefs. If we live and think contrary to our belief system, it causes an imbalance in our body as well as in our spirit. It drains the body of energy and the mind of its excitement for life. Disease may follow if we let it go long enough. 

Again, with a little effort and time devoted to evaluating the way we live and think, we will recognize the problem. We then have the opportunity to make changes to our life based on our belief system. The Bible calls it "repentance." 

Remember that old saying? "Walk the talk."

It is fulfilling, healing and invigorating to live out what we believe.

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  1. Just tweeted this. I enjoyed reading this. I like what you are doing on this site. Our body, soul, and mind are connected and God, the creator is in charge.