Thursday, March 17, 2011

Healthy Diligence

"Taking a holistic approach to health includes the principle of “prevention being better than cure”. While most of us may wait until we are in the grip of a cold or battling with emotional pain before we seek treatment to address symptoms, the holistic approach to health urges us to ‘start off how we intend to finish’. In other words, we need to maintain health and well-being in all aspects of our life.
The emphasis in holistic health is on building health, not only on fighting illness. This is achieved by creating a healthy lifestyle and healthy relationships." ~taken from the article, "The Healing Power of Nature," The Native Remedies Blog

I recommend reading the whole article. While I disagree that Nature itself has provided all we need (I believe our Creator made these things in nature for our healing), their point is well taken. We need to have a mind to maintain our health and work at it consistently. This kind of diligence prevents many severe illnesses. 

It's like keeping a house clean, if we pick up each time we see something out of place and quickly wash out the sink when we see a spot, our house remains clean and we don't have to panic trying to find an entire day to spend on cleaning. 

This daily-diligence principle holds true in every area of life. And what's more important than our health (spiritual, physical, mental, etc.)?

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