Friday, February 18, 2011


We've had unusually warm temperatures in Minnesota this week. Yesterday it reached 50 degrees! Snow is melting like crazy and water is running in the streets. We still have quite a way to go before it's gone, but Minnesotans are now eager for Spring. It will get colder again before Spring comes to stay, in fact it will only get up in to the low 30's today, but it's a process.

Ice Sculpture. Winter Carnival. St.Paul, MN
I see my heart in much the same way. Cold to the things of the Spirit, frozen in the ways of the world. But over the years, the warm breath of the Holy Spirit thaws and melts away the hardness little by little. I am renewed and made a little more like my savior with each passing year. Then He breathes again and I'm made aware of another layer of ice. I repent, allow truth to heat me and I melt some more.

This process will take much longer than Spring's arrival to Minnesota, but I have my Savior's promise that when I see Him I will be like Him. He's still working on me.

I'm still melting and Spring is on its way.

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