Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Eat Your Books & Evernote Food

I've been exploring a couple of sites that help store recipes and even cookbooks. I'd like to eliminate some of the papers and magazines I have around my house. I won't admit how many...just know that I have an addiction to food and health magazines.

Eat Your Books will log your cookbooks and magazines. Then you can search to find the volume and/or page number of any recipe you're looking for. It appears that you can search online for new recipes and store them there as well.

Evernote Food keeps all your recipes in notebooks with a comprehensive list of tags (provided by you) with which to find any recipe you need. There is an app for your mobile phone as well. With the app you can also jot down restaurants you enjoyed or save photographs from a special meal or dessert. 

 Both of these are free to begin. Eat Your Books has a small annual fee if you decide to increase the capacity you use. In order to be effective for me, I'd need to pay the fee, but if it organizes and minimizes my clutter, it would certainly be worth the cost!

If you've ever used either of these, please share your experiences here to help me and other readers decide.
Feel free to share any other resources that have helped you as well. I look forward to hearing from you.

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