Monday, September 10, 2012

A Bounty of Ginger

I found a big tray full of fresh ginger at the Farmer's Market last week. I usually don't use that much ginger, but I know how good it is so I couldn't resist. Now I need to use it. I'd hate for it to dry up before I can make good use of it.

Ginger is a wonderful natural medicine. It's the best thing for digestion and upset stomach. It works well as a tea for stomach issues. And it's so soothing! Ginger is also an anti-inflammatory. It's great for joints.

It's also a great flavor to add to savory or sweet dishes.

I cut a few thick slices to put in some chicken vegetable soup. It tasted great.

With cold season approaching, keep in mind that you can boil a few slices in water as a soothing, healing tea with a tablespoon of honey.

Ginger is wonderful in Chinese and Indian food as well as most Fall/Thanksgiving recipes. Ginger can enhance any of your standby dessert recipes that call for spices.

Help me use up my ginger stash. Tell me how you like to use ginger.

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