Monday, June 25, 2012

In Stillness We See

Do you every try to just be still? 

I mean absolutely still, every muscle, every thought stilled, until your breathing becomes noticeable? 

Try it. First try it for five minutes, then increase the time until you can do it for twenty. 

WARNING: Your thoughts will go crazy (now's a really good time to try that brain-dump journaling to clear your mind. See previous post about Time-Wasters).

Once your mind is clear. Focus on your breathing. Realize every breath is from God. 

Ponder an aspect of creation and what kind of being had to create it. 

I did this in the middle of a late night storm the other night. Incredible! The power of the wind and lightening shook the house. I remained still. 

The One who created the wind and the trees, the clouds and the sun. He is the One we worship. By worship I mean obey, because singing songs to Him isn't enough. HE WILL BE OBEYED. As the disciples found out, even the winds and the waves obey the voice of Jesus.

At the same time His love for us is never-ending, gentle, forgiving. His eyes of love search for us continually.

Be still and know. . . 

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