Monday, June 21, 2010

Exhale/Inhale God's Word

Exhale. . .

Inhale. . .

Breathing is our body feeding on oxygen.
The oxygen cleanses as well as nourishes every cell.

When we breath without thought, as we do most of the time,
our breath is shallow, our muscles tense.
But when we take a moment to focus 
and we practice deep cleansing breathing,
Our bodies are refreshed, renewed and relaxed.

Exhaling eliminates stagnant, toxic air 
preparing the lungs and blood to receive fresh oxygen.
Exhaling completely must be done consciously.

Inhaling fills our body with vital, nourishing air.
The lungs pump oxygen into our bloodstream,
which carries it to every living cell. 

Completely filling with oxygen invigorates the body. 
This is why exercise makes us feel alive, 
it forces the body to take in more oxygen.

Try it: 
Exhale until you cannot squeeze another drop of air out of your system.
Next inhale slowly from the belly then fill the chest and the rest of the body.

Our mind and spirit feed on God's word the same way our body feeds on air.

Short, thoughtless snipets of God's presence and His word do not suffice.
A Sunday morning church service, 
a three-paragraph devotional before our morning shower,
an "Our Father" before bed,
These are great to sustain us for a time, 
 but we also need to go deeper.

Read God's word, the Bible.
Let its words wash over you, 
convicting you of sinful attitudes, thoughts and actions.
Confess your sin to the Father who's already made provision for your forgiveness.

Release it.

Once emptied of toxins, 
fill up on God's word.
Meditate on it, bask in it.
Let it nourish and satisfy your soul.

Exhale. . .

Inhale. . .


  1. I exhaled too quickly, inhaled too slowly, and passed out. :)

  2. ROFLOL! I don't know how you wrote this post then, but I'll come down and help you up now. ;-)