Thursday, January 21, 2010

Contrary to Nature

This week I've been pondering a spiritual principle that is contrary to nature. That's right. I always focus on aspects in nature that point to God or illustrate a spiritual principle, but this week I see a spiritual principle that defies nature.

"Resist the devil and he will flee from you." James 4:7

If you want something or someone to flee from you in the natural, physical realm, you usually lash out. Attack another person and they'll probably flee. If two armies face each other in battle, each wants to make the other side flee. They do it by aggression, bigger weapons, more ammunition, a larger army.

Not so in the spirit realm. Our enemy, the devil, comes at us with lies, doubts, fears of every kind and accusations. His attacks are in our minds to defeat us before we get started. We can try to fight with words in return. "You no good, lousy fallen angel! I hate you. . . " But that only pleases him.

"Ah-Ha, I've got them on the defensive," he says to himself.

Or we can take a real sword and swing it in the air, hoping to slice that sneaky, back-stabbing, Air-Prince. But we won't hit our mark that way either.

Nope, all we need to do is resist. Resist the thoughts he plants in our minds as soon as they float through our grey matter.


We know the truth. And we know Him who is Truth.

If Satan attacks with a barrage of thoughts that demonstrate our worthlessness. We remember our absolute worth to Christ. We are so valuable to him, that he laid down his life for ours. He lived, taught, suffered persecution and ridicule because he valued us!

If he attacks with temptation, for example, "You know how much you need that new Kitchen Aid. You'd use it more than most people who own one. Sure, it's over $500.00 and you can't afford it, but it will be worth every penny." We quickly respond with, "God will supply my every need, so I must not need that, at least not now or God would've provided for it by now." Or we could respond by saying, "Patience is a fruit of the Spirit God must want me to learn right now."  Go to the root of the temptation and remember that God doesn't tempt.

Knowing God's character and knowing the truth demonstrated in Scripture gives us firm ground to stand on when we resist Satan's lies.

How different from the natural world. But what a powerful principle in the spiritual world.

Don't accept the junk he feeds your mind.

Resist and watch him flee!

Hmm, what kind of recipe goes along with this lesson??

Why don't you give me suggestions this time? Just post a recipe or link to a recipe in the comments section. Try to make it delicious and natural. Thanks!!


  1. How about a recipe for deviled eggs? LOL

  2. Great idea!
    Here's a fancy one:

    6 Hard-cooked eggs
    1 pkg 3oz Cream cheese
    1/4 C fresh spinach, cooked, drained & chopped
    3 T grated Parmesan cheese
    1/8 tsp Nutmeg
    1 tsp Vegetable Seasoning
    Milk to thin
    Mushrooms for garnish

    Cut eggs in half lengthwise. Remove yolks and combine with cream cheese, spinach, Parmesan & seasoning. Thin with milk if desired. Spoon mixture into egg-white halves. Top with sliced or chopped mushrooms. Sprinkle with paprika.