Thursday, April 9, 2009


Yogurt is one of the most healthy and flexible fermented foods God has given us. It can be used cold as a dessert with fruit, as a drink or in thousands of recipes. Try replacing Sour Cream with Yogurt in recipes. We've even used Yogurt on baked potatoes.

I have a great little book called, "The Yogurt Cookbook" by Olga Smetinoff, originally published in 1966. Olga grew up with a mother who kept fresh, homemade yogurt on hand at all times. Her mother brought this tradition to the United States from Europe when they immigrated. Many credited yogurt for their good health, vibrant skin and shiny hair. They noticed that even in times of poverty people were able to make their own yogurt and continue in good health.

Yogurt has been a staple in most countries of the world. "The Russians refer to it as prostokvasha, and the Bulgarians call it keselo mloeko. It is a staple food all the way from Odessa to Peking. It is known in all the Arabic countries of Europe and North Africa," says Smetinoff. "Yogurt contains certain bacteria that, in the intestinal tract, break down milk sugar into lactic acid in which disease-producing bacteria are unable to live."

Smetinoff sites Dr. Ilya Metchnikoff (Ruussian bacteriologist, author, and the first to identify the bacilli that created yogurt) who attributes the longevity and stamina of the people of the Balkan countries to this marvelous food. He found that although they were among the poorest peoples in the world, and were deprived of most of the foods normally containing the necessary vitamins, they were practically immune to stomach troubles. Ulcers were almost unknown. He gave credit for their good health and long lives to yogurt. He found, during the time he conducted this important study, that there were 1600 Bulgarians over the age of a hundred to every million of population, compared to only 11 Americans per million."

Good health begins with digestion. Fermented foods are the superheros of digestion. Try adding yogurt or other fermented foods to your diet at least once a day. It may be a challenge at first, but you'll get the hang of it.

I am amazed when I think of God's creation. Down to the smallest, microscopic bugs--microorganisms--He has planned for our health and well-being. God created these tiny little guys to protect us from disease and maintain vibrancy.

Dear Lord, I am in awe of your spectacular creation. Perfect in every way and beautiful, you have gone to such great lengths out of love for us.

Take some time this week to Meditate on God's great love. Today is Good Friday. This weekend we celebrate the sacrifice of Jesus for our sins. We remind ourselves of all that he suffered because of love. From His creation to His sacrifice, which was planned before the foundation of the earth God shows His love for us.

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  1. Good article about yogurt Terri. It does have some amazing qualities that we need in our diets. Years ago I used to make my own yogurt.
    Now when i purchase it, I carefully read the labels as it seems so much of it contains a large sugar content. Lately I buy the Brown Cow brand, plain and put honey and cinnamon on it. Delicious!